Why don't young independent women who seem...well...feminist want to claim the name? What is third wave feminism? What goals have been reached or dropped, taken up as National Organization of Women celebrates its 40th Anniversary?

Summer 2006 Voices of Women (VOW), the UU Women's Connection quarterly newsletter, explores the long and winding road to equal rights. Are we there yet?

With seven of the eight recommendations made to membership at the 2005 Annual Meeting in place the final big hurdle: The UU Women's Connection website is an exciting first for the 43 year old successor organization to the CMwD - UUWF. Eight goals for reorganization follow.

  • Reorganize with new purposes, name and bylaws, using a council and consensus.
  • Incorporate as nonprofit organization
  • Initiate and maintain a website
  • Update, modernize the VOW newsletter
  • Continue to provide accessible, affordable retreats and conferences
  • Continue to provide activist information, educational and advocacy programming.
  • Continue support to affiliate organizations
  • Increase scholarship, incentive and other grants.