This year I drove up to Racine alone. As I pulled into the drive I felt tensions, anxieties, and outside worries melt away. Soon I was greeting old friends and setting up this year’s raffle. All events this year were held in the main meeting place, it makes it a more intimate event with everyone being in the same place all weekend.

Dinner Friday is the first time we all get together and say hello. As always the food at the DeKoven Center was very tasty, especially the dessert.

After dinner we all gathered together to call the directions. This fall the guiding element was Spirit. We were led in this by Pat Hyams. We had brought items to put on the altar to represent our own spirit.

Almost everyone brought items to put in this year’s raffle and I had fun setting up the tables and selling raffle tickets. A special thank you to Pat for donating the drum.

Twice a year I look forward to getting together with a very special group of women, in the spring at Princeton Park and fall at DeKoven Center. Our last gathering was this spring in Princeton Park. It was a beautiful spring weekend where we spent time in groups and sometimes by ourselves.

On Friday we had dinner together and met two women who had driven from Nebraska that day to join us for the weekend. I love looking around and seeing familiar faces and new faces and to know I have a whole weekend to spend with them and get to know them better.

Things We Don't Talk AboutThings We Don’t Talk About
(Women’s Stories from the Red Tent)

featuring Special Guest:
Dr. Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost

October 9-11, 2015
DeKoven Center, Racine Wisconsin

The Red Tent: Women as Voices of Wisdom and Compassion

At the request of our Keynote Speaker, Dr. Isadora Liedenfrost, we had written down without signing our names, but with complete honesty, a deep fear or life issue we were dealing with. In our afternoon workshop we gathered together in the Red Tent and sat silently as we passed a paper bag around. In turn each of us stood up, drew out a slip of paper, and read of a concern or fear one of us was facing.

Marsha Forrest

Once again, our Spring Conference brought us together at the Pilgrim Park Conference Center, with its cozy gathering spaces, sturdy porch furniture, and peaceful natural setting. Our keynote speaker, Marsha Forrest, spoke to us of noticing, acknowledging, and listening to every living thing, being close to the earth, and taking the time to understand our own path upon it. She led us in a self-exploration exercise that included a solitary walk, barefoot if we wished, around the grounds. We shared our symbolic hand drawn pictures and personal discoveries, and supportive and curious responses from others were much appreciated.